Video: Short Sale Or Foreclosure, Which is Better?

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In another article about short sales, we pointed out the differences between a Short Sale and a Foreclosure auction using a simple PDF print-out.  However, for those of you who want a video explanation, here it is: httpv:// The Video was funded by the National Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Association–the lead certification level granted […]

Foreclosure or Short Sale – Which Is Better?

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Are you asking yourself, “What affect will the foreclosure have on me long-term?”  This is one of the most common questions asked about foreclosure.  The same thing goes for Short Sales.  Questions like “If I do a Short Sale, is it better than a Foreclosure?” and “Why don’t I just walk away from my house?” […]

Video: Government Encouraging Short Sales

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The Obama Administration has created a website to help homeowners in foreclosure called “Making Home Affordable.”  It’s a wonderful website with many free resources to help homeowners in foreclosure.  They recently added a video about selling their house on a short sale rather than letting it go to foreclosure auction. Click below to watch the […]

My Kentucky Home is Scheduled to be Sold at Foreclosure Auction! What Do I Do?!

You’ve tried everything you can possibly think of to save your house, and nothing worked.  You’re still stressed-out, you’re exhausted, your relationships are hurt, and you are tired of being bombarded with people’s “opinions” of what you should be doing.  Then you get one of these letters stuck on your door or mailed to you: […]

What is a Deficiency Judgment?

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If your Mortgage Company forecloses, your troubles don’t end. Your credit may suffer for years to come, but most people aren’t worried about the distant future. A more pressing problem can be a deficiency judgment. The bank might bring legal action against you to try and collect what they couldn’t collect in foreclosure. Deficiency judgment […]

Avoiding Foreclosure Scams in Louisville

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Foreclosure Scams happen in Louisville, but you can avoid them. The ultimate source of consumer protection, the Federal Trade Commission, has issued the following guidelines to help you avoid foreclosure scams. At Kentucky Solutions, we work hard to ensure families are safe throughout the entire foreclosure process by following these standards.