What is the Foreclosure Timeline and Process?

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Here is an excellent Timeline showing what the typical Foreclosure Timeline/Process looks like in Louisville, Kentucky.  In Jefferson County, there are so many foreclosures that the timeline is usually much longer.  however, this gives you a really good idea of what will take place. Take special note of the time-frame in which you can resolve […]

My Kentucky Home is Scheduled to be Sold at Foreclosure Auction! What Do I Do?!

You’ve tried everything you can possibly think of to save your house, and nothing worked.  You’re still stressed-out, you’re exhausted, your relationships are hurt, and you are tired of being bombarded with people’s “opinions” of what you should be doing.  Then you get one of these letters stuck on your door or mailed to you: […]

What is a Deficiency Judgment?

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If your Mortgage Company forecloses, your troubles don’t end. Your credit may suffer for years to come, but most people aren’t worried about the distant future. A more pressing problem can be a deficiency judgment. The bank might bring legal action against you to try and collect what they couldn’t collect in foreclosure. Deficiency judgment […]