Can You Still Sell Your Home After Filing Bankruptcy?

  • Without messing up the Bankruptcy.

  • Without breaking bankruptcy law.

  • Even if you’re not sure if the Bank owns the house.

  • …and even if the Mortgage balance is high and the house needs repairs? 


For $3,000, most people would sign the selling documents as long as they were guaranteed to be protected from these concerns and if their Bankruptcy Attorney agreed to everything.

No good person wants to break the law or UNDO their bankruptcy. You struggled to get where you are now and we understand that. To ensure you’re 100% safe we will, with your permission, contact your Attorney to confirm you still own the house and that it’s OK for you to sell it. Your attorney will then reach out to you and give you the thumbs up or thumbs down. We will pay any costs your attorney might charge.

Generally speaking, if your Bankruptcy case is no longer open then you can sell your home. You can know your Bankruptcy is not open if the status is “Discharged”, “Closed”, “Terminated”, or “Dismissed”. After any of these events occur, in almost all cases, selling your home will not be a problem.

If your bankruptcy is still ongoing then the Judge must first approve the sale before we can proceed.

You can also call your attorney yourself and you can ask them, “I have someone that wants to buy my home. Can I still sell it if I want to? Will I get in trouble or mess up my bankruptcy if I do?” They will confirm it’s OK for you to sell but they might also tell you there’s no reason for you to sell it. Explain you’ll earn at least $3,000 and they should agree it’s a good idea.

In Jefferson County, Kentucky you can see who owns your house by searching by the address here. No login required.

How much will you earn from the sale if the mortgage balance is higher than what the house is worth?

You’ll earn at least $3,000 if there isn’t any equity in the home and more if there is equity.

After a bankruptcy there is rarely any equity left–either the mortgage balance is really high or the repair costs are (or both). In any case you’ll earn at least $3,000, we will pay off your mortgage(s) and any liens against the house too!

If there’s no equity we’ll convince the current mortgage company to discount the amount owed so that we can buy it for less and without you having to pay anything. It’s a program the mortgage company created called a “Short Sale”, and it’s how we buy homes 80% of the time. It’s a great way to sell your home after bankruptcy.

You don’t want to pay for anything, fix anything, or go to the house?

The only thing you’ll have to do is sign a few documents. You can come to us, we can come to you, or you can choose a location to meet.  Most of the documents can be signed using your phone or computer!

OK. How do you get started?

Fill out this simple form. We will contact you and answer any remaining questions you may have. We will ask your bankruptcy attorney’s name (If you forgot it don’t worry, we can find it). Then we will contact your attorney who will give you permission to proceed. Once that is done we will send you the paperwork to sign.

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