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I was under a medical treatment for six months and my property was facing foreclosure. Kentucky Solutions was very considerate and understanding of my situation, The people at their company possess excellent skills and are very people oriented which I greatly appreciated. Speedy reaction for buying the property and preventing the foreclosure. Thank You, Thank You, and Thank you Kentucky Solutions!
Samir, Germantown, Louisville, KY
"Our family was facing foreclosure and Kentucky Solutions was able to buy our house even though we had no equity. We tried selling it for two years before they came along. We believe they were the answer to our prayers."
Anonymous, Louisville, Kentucky
"I was able to keep my house after my wife passed away...Kentucky Solutions is a life saver."
Bill, Louisville, Kentucky
"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your time and effort in helping me through a very difficult situation with my house. It has been a very difficult year for me and I appreciate everything you did."
Tony, Audubon Park, Kentucky
"Kentucky Solutions talked with my mortgage company and made all the arrangements for me so I wouldn't lose my house. As wonderful as they are, I hope I never need their services again. But if I do, I'll call them first."
Bonnie, Fern Creek, Kentucky
"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!"
Christine, Okolona, Kentucky
"Thanks for your help. We really appreciate you buying the house. It got us out of a tough bind."
Michael, East End, Louisville
"I'm so glad to be rid of that house. Thanks for taking it off my hands. It had so many bad memories I just couldn't handle it anymore. It has been 2 years and I'm living in my brand-new dream home."
Anonymous, Louisville, Kentucky
"Everyone told us there was no way for us to keep our house but you made it possible. Thank-you!"
Gary, Southern Parkway Area
"Thank you for your help. It was a tough situation we were in and we really appreciate your assistance. We're surprised you were able to get it done. It's a big weight off our shoulders."
Anonymous, Simpsonville, Kentucky
"We tried to sell it with our Realtor for months and nobody wanted it. Just before auction you were able to buy it and make it so we didn't have to pay anything. Thank-you."
Ben, Lexington, Kentucky
"I couldn't believe you even wanted to buy the house in the condition it was in. Thanks for buying it!" [Our note: He even made a good profit]
Jeff, Seneca Park Area, Louisville, Kentucky
"We moved to Kentucky from Michigan. Kentucky Solutions helped us get rid of our property in Michigan and it didn't even affect our credit. During this very difficult time dealing with the relocation company, the bank and others, my family could always count on friendly help and straight answers from Kentucky Solutions. Thanks!"
Rob, Lexington, Kentucky
"I was faced with loosing my home to foreclosure. Kentucky Solutions helped me sell the house and avoid foreclosure proceedings. They made a very stressful situation go as smoothly as possible, from the 1st call I made to them and submitting paperwork up to & including the day of closing, which made it possible for me to have closure on that part of my life. They were ALWAYS accessible throughout the whole process."
Theresa, Louisville, Kentucky
"In 2005 I purchased two investment properties and rented them both out. When the market went down, I could no longer afford either property but I also could not sell them either so I got behind on my mortgage payments. I contacted Kentucky Solutions and they were able to take them BOTH off my hands for less than what I owed by doing a Short Sale, and I don’t owe anyone a dime! My problems are solved and the foreclosure is stopped—Amazing! I am very happy to know that there are still reputable and ethical companies like Kentucky Solutions in this state. I am very pleased with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone trying to sell their home, even if they owe more than it’s worth.”
Alexis, Iroquois, Louisville, Kentucky
"En 2005 compre dos propiedades y las rente. El precio de las propiedades disminuyo y no pude continuar costeando las propiedades y para males mayores no las podia vender. Contacte a Kentucky Solutions y las pudieron vender en un Short Sale por lo que no debo ni un centravo en la porpiedades. Ademas el foreclosure fue detenido-Increible! Estoy muy feliz de saber que existen companias reputalbes y profesionales como Kentucky Solutions en el estado de Kentucky. Estoy muy agradecido y los recomiendo tremendamente a cualquiera que este tratando de vender su propiedad, inclusive si deben mas de lo que vale."
Alexis, Iroquois, Louisville, Kentucky
"I had worked with a realtor for several months with no luck. Then one day I noticed a post card from Kentucky Solutions in my mail. I contacted them and they in turn contacted my mortgage company. They were able to work with my mortgage company to get my house sold in a short sale and I am so happy to be free of that burden. Thanks Kentucky Solutions!"
Richard, Louisville, Kentucky
"Thank you so much for all your help with the short sale of my home. I was so leary at first. I thought that there had to be some kind of catch. How would you be able to get me out of this situation free and clear?? It just didnt seem possible. got the bank to agree to a reduced price and we closed on the house yesterday. And it only took a few short months!!!!!!!! I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. You made it a very easy process for me, even with all of my skepticism and stressing out. Kentucky Solutions has been a blessing to me. Thank you so very much."
Laura , Audubon Park, Kentucky
Within less than 12 days of my house being sold at a foreclosure auction, I found Kentucky Solutions. While my situation has yet to be resolved, and may not be possible to resolve at all, I submitted a signup form and was contacted immediately.

The conversation that I had with the agent and subsequent email that he sent, outlining all that we discussed and the options that were there for me have already put us much more at ease and in a positive light. For this reason alone (and hopefully continued success), I can't thank this organization enough. They have been nothing short of tremendous thus far. Great job, and thank you so much!

Dave, Louisville, KY
Kentucky Solutions was like a blessing on my doorstep. I opened the door to a Kentucky Solutions agent who offered to help. They did everything he said they would. We completed the paperwork and Kentucky Solutions did all of the rest. They saved us from the devastating effect of foreclosure buy doing a Short Sale and buying our house even after we had filed bankruptcy on the house. I highly recommend Kentucky Solutions as your go-to guys for foreclosure prevention.
Anonymous, East-End Louisville
Kentucky Solutions was an absolute answer to my prayers. I walked away from my house "free and clear". I avoided foreclosure and received relocation assistance. KY Solutions made the process so simple and was very thorough answering any questions. I would recommend Kentucky Solutions to anyone seeking to sell their home even if they feel they have no equity in it.
Anne P., Okolona, KY


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