Saving Your Kentucky Home

From Foreclosure

In Kentucky, there are many ways to stop foreclosure.

Help Me Save My HomeWe have established what is called the “KyS” Hardship Program but there’s nothing “Hard” about it.  This special program is designed to easily assist homeowners who had a previous hardship get back on track with their mortgage.

A hardship is an unexpected, unavoidable personal or financial circumstance that interferes with your ability to make the regular scheduled mortgage payments.

Examples of a hardship include loss of employment, cut-back in regular work hours, business downturn, unexpected medical emergency or expenses, funeral expenses, divorce, family issues etc…

If you’ve had a hardship, you could be back on your regular payment plan within 30 days. You could also get your regular payments back for the next six months until you can prove your ability to keep them current again and have the back payments added on to your loan, having the length of your loan extended.  Lenders will frequently re-structure mortgages and lower interest rates and payments, permanently.  This is called a “Loan Modification”

The specific hardship program and its terms depend on your lender and mortgage insurance company.  If you’ve had a hardship which caused you to fall behind, chances are good good that you qualify for some sort of assistance.

Kentucky Solutions LLC can advocate on your behalf to prevent foreclosure on your home and give you the peace of mind you need.

You simply need to make safe, sound decisions from this point forward and get proper representation to enforce your rights. Don’t waste time worrying. Just choose to protect yourself.

* Are you unsure how to answer your lender’s questions?
* You are right to be wary.
* You could be strung along for months, only to have your fees be farther out of control when they eventually turn you down – but not if you have proper representation!
* Don’t agree to any payment plan, including one by your lender that you are unable to make. Lenders will frequently appear to be assisting you in a positive manner, but offer a payment plan knowing you will be unable to fulfill it.

What Does It Cost?

IT’S FREE! With Obama’s Loss Mitigation Program in full force, it’s simple to do your OWN loan modification.  Simply call us to find out how you can get a loan modification from your lender for FREE.  With a record number of foreclosures in Kentucky, we’re giving this information away so that we can help as many people as possible.  We’ll even coach you through the process at no cost in order to ensure your success and save your home.  A HUD Approved counselor is also a good tool in providing you free counseling services about helping you keep your home.

Does it sound too good to be true? Is it difficult to believe that there are agencies and people willing to do this for you without a catch? It’s true! Try us and see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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