“We want to sell our house but we owe more than it is worth”

A “Short-Sale” makes it possible for you to sell your house for less than what you owe, without having to pay anyone the difference. YOU WALK AWAY FROM THE HOUSE AND THE DEBT.

The best part, aside from being able to walk away without paying anything, is that we ensure homeowners earn at least $1,500 when the short sale is completed! We’ve had clients earn as much as $10,000.  (The amount you receive will depend on your mortgage)

Yes, you can walk away from your house and all the debt without filing bankruptcy. The closing costs, taxes, 2nd mortgages, lines of credit, and other liens are also taken care of at closing.

A Short Sale could save your credit and help you avoid a Deficiency Judgment which could otherwise force you into an even worse situation, such as Bankruptcy or a garnishment of wages. While it is always best to sell your house for exactly what you owe, for most people that is not an option, and for them the Short Sales system has been created.

Requirements for a Short Sale (Set by your Mortgage Company):

  1. You must be behind on your mortgage payments.
  2. You cannot have any assets or excessive cash funds to pay the mortgage company back. (such as a large boat or $50,000 in a bank account)
  3. There must have been an unplanned Hardship to cause you to fall behind on your payments. (Divorce, job loss, relocation, death in family, etc.)
  4. You must fill-out the required paperwork as requested by your Mortgage Company. (email us for a copy)

Note: The more repairs the house needs, the better.

What does it cost?

There is NO COST to do a short sale!  Our program makes it possible for families in Kentucky, no matter what their financial circumstances may be, to avoid foreclosure.  We enjoy helping families live better and happier lives by serving them.  In addition, Kentucky Solutions only makes money after we successfully negotiate your short sale and after you get paid.  We will resell your home to another family or individual seeking to buy a home so we only make money if you do.  We are very motivated to succeed and will spend an average of $800 to process each client’s short sale.  It is an investment we make and your cost is always $0.  Yes, we will put in writing!

I Live in Jefferson County, Kentucky and Want to Proceed with a Short Sale:

  1. Fill out our contact form below
  2. We will email you the paperwork your lender requires that you fill out.
  3. We will call you to schedule a time to meet you (or someone with the key) at the property and answer any questions about the paperwork.
  4. We submit everything to the mortgage company and once approved, you walk away free from the house and the debt!


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